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The worries of a homeowner don’t end from simply acquiring their dream house. One gets to spend their days thinking of a lot of things. Paying for the bills, fixing any broken part of the house like the sink or perhaps the shower head and planning what to cook for the family – there are just too many that can distract you! Plus if you have kids to take care of and an extra attention to give for your lovely dogs, then you must juggle them altogether. That is why there is a bigger chance of forgetting something and you’ll agree that it will most likely happen.

This is where home automation comes into the picture. When you suddenly forget to lock your garage door, you can only wish to have realized it sooner before arriving at the office. With a few seconds left and you have to flock in for work, how can you solve this kind of problem? The answer lies in finding the perfect home automation solution!

However it is not enough to look for simple home automation solution. What you need is one with the leading name in the industry who can help in managing you home even when you are out. It is time to end your worries about forgotten doors and even opened windows because you can remotely close them off.

It is possible through Inteliving – where you can have the command link in everything!

Home Automation with Seamless Control Integration

With the current lifestyle of most people, time is of the essence since it is indeed a busy world. That is why it may seem quite easy to give excuses once you forgot something. But you don’t have to experience anymore, homeowners can have the power to connect all their key devices at home into one reliable home automation system!

Inteliving introduces the smart, responsive and best seamless control that perfectly matches you and your home. We assemble everything in accordance to your preference and put altogether to work effectively the way you need them.

Customized Trigger Commands

We automate the devices in your home to work together through a set of triggers. Unlike other services that offer stand-alone solutions, Inteliving can help you manage all of them through customized triggers that command everything. It allows multiple actions to be consolidated into a single command. Controlling your lights, securing your locks and even managing the settings for your house’ thermostat, there are just a few of what you can do with customized triggers.

Be alerted at all times

It is a great feeling to have an eye on everything. It puts you at ease, knowing that your house is safe and secure even when you are away. Inteliving understands the importance of every property that is why you can be assured of the high quality service we designed for every homeowner! You can get instant alerts (real time text and image alerts) as soon as something happens. The alerts are also quite customizable and can be controlled by a device (something you can always bring with you) so it feels like you were never away from home!

Upgrade your system through adaptive learning

With our expertise and experience, enjoy living in a smart house. Have full control where you can set your own rules based on your daily routines and in return enables you to completely optimize the house to your lifestyle. Just as how a saying goes “Your house, your rules”.

It is you who gets the key for power. Yes, you are the one who can hold the precise control over the home automation system. We are here to help and make your plans turn into a reality. Decide what settings you want and we can lay it all out into action!

You can even decide a setting for the kids and another setting for weekends – just for a change of ambiance inside your home. Just say so and we are always ready to help.

We can make your house a beautiful ecosystem that primarily understands, knows and adapts to meet your needs.

When everything seems to be changing, choose the one that can support and keep up with the market innovation. Choose Inteliving!

Set up an appointment now and start investing to a better way of experiencing smart home today!

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