Look no further than INTELIVING when it comes to home theater automation!

Whether it is about installing a wall-mount or having a full blown home theater, you definitely need the help of the experts – InteLiving!

We have been the elading name for audio/visual needs by providing the perfect multimedia installation solutions all over Florida. With our full-service you can customzie your home theater while taking it to another level of entertainment, one you’ve always wanted!

What makes up a Home Theater System?

People have their own hobbies and personal habits. However, one common denominator we all share is enjoying a movie or favorite show; regardless of the reason for watching.

Some shows are fine on a smaller screen but why not treat yourself to having a designated, specifically designed room just for home theater? Unlike other parts of the house, a home theater is perhaps the most crucial one to have done for you. Why? It is simply because setting up a home theater may seem a lot more tricky than other home entertainment or electronic components. Don’t worry, installing it won’t be a formidable feat anymore!

With InteLiving, customizing your Home Theater system, in any way that fits your preference, can be accomplished to meet your home’s exact needs and specifications. We are not like other automation companies. We value our clients and strive to create any home theater system to meet and exceed your standards the first time, every time.

Below are some major factors you must look for when finding the right service provider along with how we can support you in each aspect:

Having the Perfect Room for your Home Theater system – It is important to have a suitable room and setup, given consideration of the room’s dimension and shape. We can offer customized consultation to give you a 100% guarantee that the designs will be what you need and what you want to have. Through our strategic solutions, we can recommend the size screen you need, the lighting and style of seating you would most likely want. Weighing the importance of aesthetics, we can also help you in deciding on an appropriate theme. 

Finding the Right Equipment – Once you have settled the room layout, Inteliving can help you in determining the right equipment for your home theater! Like having a flat-panel screen display. In terms of aesthetic preference, you can also choose between hidden (such as in-wall and in-ceiling) or standing speakers. It is crucial that you choose right because even small details can effect the home theater experience. 

Lighting and Control system- We can enlighten you in matters of lighting for your home theater room. With having automatically dimming lights when needed and the understanding of your full control of the room, you can simply adjust the lights for a better enjoyment of your home theater.

You can have all of these and more with Inteliving!

Whether you are installing a home theater system for the very first time, or planning to upgrade your home, we’ve got you covered!

We deliver only the best results through our extensive knowledge in performing professionally installed home theater system.

If you are concerned with projects and screens, our expertise can handle it and integrate the right solution. Whether for your home or the workplace media or conference room, our professional team has the skills for any installation project. Save yourself time, energy and the inevitable headache and frustration and simply leave the work to the service of an expert!

Make it happen today! Be one of our valued clients who gets to enjoy the real home theater experience!

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