There is no stopping Home Evolution!

Since the introduction of home automation it has created big waves that set everything into motion. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, integration home automation system isn’t easy especiBest Equipment Ranks and Panels especially if you don’t know who to ask for help.

Did you know that you actually owe it to yourself both while building and renovating to look for the latest home trends and see what opportunities are available for your new home! It is only natural to want the best and you can get it from Inteliving!

With our home automation solutions you get to keep your home’s appearance streamlined and seamless as you have imagined and possibly dreamed for years. However, not like the old days, you wouldn’t need to have a pile of electronic boxes in every side of home appliance such as the TV or another box by the light switches and dimmers of the wall, among many other controls. The truth is, all these boxes and switches can be removed. We can centralize them for easy use and at the same time have an organized and clean-looking home.

Inteliving changes the way you live!

Just when you want everything integrated into your home there is also a possibility of having tons more than the norm number of standard electrical wiring. In addition to that there are various additional cable if with proper review and planning can be categorized as not too necessary to be piled all over your home.

Planning for your cabling is quite a feat because there are things you must consider. You might be asking yourself on how can you possibly wire your home automation the right way? If you look up in the net, search results will direct you to a number of different theories about automation wiring. Tips on how the wiring should be done, understanding the cable types and knowing what type of cables should be used. You would surely want to know all about this. But worry no more! We got your back!

You will be excited to hear our specialized service for Best Equipment Racks and panels designed to match your home-automation system.

Our prime offers include:

  • Data Cabling
  • In-Wall Transmitters
  • Deep Junction Boxes
  • Wiring for Powerline Control Protocols
  • Whole-House Surge Protection
  • Neutral Wire for Wall Switch
  • Isolated Non-Automation Loads

Rack/Panel Equipment for Home Automation

The Equipment Rack and Panel are quite useful and an important tool that houses all the electronics for your home. They are most commonly placed and tucked away in a basement area. If not, racks and panels are often hidden, usually behind doors. The house must be wired properly during construction and leave it to us in centralizing your home wiring and cables to the right equipment

The racks and prewires must be wired properly. Neat and clean installation is a priority and that is what we do at Inteliving!

With our highly-skilled technicians who are driven by determination and passion to deliver customer satisfaction we provide only the best in every aspect of the installation. Simply put, we can offer you a guaranteed high-quality that truly fulfills the high-end style of home technology system.

We can set and organize your home theater equipment including all the amplifiers, DVD players and even the DSS receivers. However if we are to stack all the equipment the same way before, processors and other components will burnout – causing to generate lots of heat. Seeing them piled like a tower is simply not a beauty. You would surely like to avoid putting everything on top of each other. Plus you can save time and money with clean installation.

Are you ready for a rack or panel for your home automation cables and prewires? Let us show you how it is done! Fill in our form and make an appointment with us. We would love to talk and help you!

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